Definitions for "Pictorial"
Of or pertaining to pictures; illustrated by pictures; forming pictures; representing with the clearness of a picture; as, a pictorial dictionary; a pictorial imagination.
Refers to a book with a picture on the cover.
A book with a picture/illustration on the cover.
As used in PANOSE, a pictorial font is a font made up of pictorial symbols, such as Zapf Dingbats or Wingdings. These are frequently called "Pi fonts" in the type industry.
A cancellation incorporating a pictorial design. Pictorial First Day cancels were used by the US from 1958 to 1962 and are becoming more widespread on FDC issues of the 1980s and 90s. Many postiques each have a unique pictorial cancel. Many non-FD pictorial cancels are available nationwide, and are used for a limited time at special public or philatelic events.
A pattern portraying people and animals.
That which relates to the physical aspects of a painting.