Definitions for "Concept Map"
Similar to a mind map, a concept map is a visual representation of a group of related topics. It differs from mind maps in that there can be more than one key idea with multiple links in any direction, whereas mind maps typically have onc central idea from which associated ideas spring from.
a map-like illustration that shows relationships between concepts.
a graphic representation of a network of concepts with links revealing patterns and relationships between the concepts
a documented brainstorming session of how items or concepts relate to one main theme
A browser or terms, definitions, or icons arranged in semantic proximity.
an easy method of devising a strategy for finding information in print and electronic research resources
a mind map, which contains the perspectives and inputs of several individuals
a drawing that serves as one format through which a student's understanding of a particular concept can be exhibited
a way of illustrating the connections that exist between terms or concepts discussed in class