Definitions for "PDM"
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Modulation method. Signal modulates or alters the duty cycle of the pulse. In PDM, the carrier is a pulse stream. Also called PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
Power conditioning/distribution module contained in the MEG-191.
Positive Discipline Module
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Preferred Delivery Method
Precedence Diagram Method. One of the two methods of representing projects as networks of tasks in which the tasks are represented by nodes and the relationships between them by arcs. (The other method - Arrow Diagram, is rarely used.)
Precedence diagramming method. A network diagramming technique in which activities are represented by boxes (or nodes). Activities are linked together by precedence relationships to show the sequence in which the activities are to be performed.
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Pezzo Di Merda
Partido Democratico Maubere (Maubere Democratic Party)
Program development manager.
Physical Distribution Management: logistics.
Portable Document Manager.
Plant Defined Market. The geographic area of outdoor media distribution defined by a local outdoor operator and based on county coverage.
Plant Defined Market. The geographic area of media coverage that is defined by a local out of home operator and based on total county coverage.
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Predictive Maintenance.
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pilot decision making
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Physical Data Model.