Definitions for "DARS"
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See Degree Audit Reporting System
A report of your completed course work and current registration matched with degree requirements of your declared major; it also identifies deficiencies and lists courses to satisfy specific requirements. DARS are availible online here. You may also request a DARS at the Registration Service Center.
Disciplinary action reporting system. A national database service developed by the American Association of State Social Work Boards (AASSWB) to prevent a social worker who has been sanctioned in one licensing jurisdiction to withhold that information from another licensing jurisdiction. Information about the disciplined social worker is reported to AASSWB by its member jurisdiction. Aggregate information on disciplined licensees is sent to all social work licensing boards bimonthly.
Demokratische Arabische Republik Sahara
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Digital Audio Radio Services
Digital Alarm Radio System. A system in which signals are transmitted from a digital alarm radio transmitter (DART) located at a protected premises through a radio channel to a digital alarm radio receiver (DARR).
Digital Audio Radio Service
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by Rose Dana - Monday, 17 October 2005, 02:37 PM Log in to Web Reg, Select Student services, then select #1.0#. Select DARS web to get you DARS. Keyword(s): How do I get my DARS? DARS
DARS stands for: Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Service. DARS is an independent service designed to settle disputes between parents and Education and Library Boards.