Definitions for "Auditing"
Dianetic or Scientology "counselling".
Spiritual counselling
The process by which the certifying action is taken on a returned Certificate of Eligibles by the Human Resource Office to comply with legal and regulatory selection procedures.
A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality and environmental activities and related results comply with planned arrangements. Audits are designed to ensure that arrangements are implemented effectively and are compatible with achieving objectives.
is described as a systematic process of objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence against a set of criteria.
A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality and environmental activities and their results comply with the relevant standards. Audits are designed to ensure that management systems are implemented effectively and are compatible with the achievement of objectives.
To take a course without receiving credit for the course. An auditor attends class but doesn't participate in the evaluation process. Approval must be granted from a Registrar, Associate Registrar, or an Educational Dean before a student signs up to audit a course. Tuition for an audited course is the same as for a student who is doing the course for credit. Baccalaureate Degree A baccalaureate (or bachelor's) degree is the first in a series of possible university degrees. It is approximately 120 credits and takes four to five years of full time studies to complete. Students wishing to transfer may complete a maximum of 60 credits towards a Bachelor Degree at Kwantlen. Students who have high grades and wish to continue studies at the graduate level may apply for admission to Master's degrees or Doctoral (PhD) programs after completing the baccalaureate.
This Visitor Permission Form is used for students that want to audit a course. Students pay the regular credit hours fee per course.
Individual classes may be audited with the approval of the Registrar, in consultation with the faculty member involved. Projects and exams of auditors will not be graded. Audit courses will be noted as such on a student’s transcript. No credit is granted for such courses. Students taking 15 or more credit hours in any semester may audit free–of–charge any class in that semester, except for classes in which auditors are not permitted.
The determination of the set of security-relevant Events to be stored in a Security Audit Trail and the storage of these Events in a Security Audit Trail. source: EURESCOM domain: Security usage
Auditing is the information gathering and analysis of assets to ensure such things as policy compliance and security from vulnerabilities.
Grid auditing in OSG relates to resolving claims of challenged authentication and exposed risk on grid services which accept delegated credentials. The auditing system will use information from the accounting system and link it to information from other sources to allow full tracking and analysis of the actions and events related to a user's resource usage.
Refers to the practice of proving the correctness of a worksheet.
The verification of statistics. Generally performed by one of a small group of companies with reputations for accuracy in reporting.
Determining the correct transportation charges due to the carrier; auditing involves checking the accuracy of the freight bill for errors, correct rate, and weight.
The monitoring and recording of computer use.
A Windows NT feature that enables the system administrator to monitor printing activities for any user.
Facilitates monitoring of the usage of data sets. Must be "turned on" in the MCAT.
checking of book keeping keeping records 21
relating to cable television, it refers to physically checking to see where all the connections are, the quality of the system, etc. Systems can recover big money by catching thieves and preventing construction violations.
A check by an independent company that accounts are being kept accurately and up to date.
The process of recording or analyzing operations that have been performed on a body of data.
The process of recording database activity and access to database objects as it occurs in the database. See the audit statment.
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A service the client organization sells the customer, also used as a verb, as in "to audit."
a major issue in configuration management
an important function of the business world