Definitions for "PhD"
See Doctorate.
A person who has a degree and has undertaken years of research and has published their work and been assessed, may be awarded a PhD and can use the title of Doctor. This is a specialist degree that is usually awarded for at least 3 years of supervised, but original research work. All research students starting Ph.D. research would expect to hold a good degree first. A person with a Ph.D. degree uses the title "Dr"
To be admitted to candidature for a PhD degree, students are expected to have an honours degree, at least at upper second-class level, from an Australian or other recognised university. Applicants should also show a capacity for original research.
PHd is seeing someone's posted a subtle joke and then explicitly making the joke later in the thread either because you think no-one got it or the poster didn't intend it. It's short for Provost Harrisoned because he's the poster that did it most often. (Contrib. Funkodrom)
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency.
A self-paced learning system designed by Harley-Davidson to keep professional dealership technicians current.
Public Health Directorate
Panhandle Health District
DEFRA Plant Health Division
Progressive Hatikvah Downtown, a campus political party.
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Pigeon-Harvesting Dogs
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PC Help Desk File