Definitions for "Dissertation"
A formal or elaborate argumentative discourse, oral or written; a disquisition; an essay; a discussion; as, Dissertations on the Prophecies.
An exercise written for the award of a degree or diploma, on a topic determined by the student, after consulting the tutor, which involves an element of original research or extensive reading.
The independent project conducted by a graduate student after completing coursework and general examinations. The dissertation will vary in form and length depending on the discipline and the nature of the research project; it usually requires from one to three years to complete. The dissertation is supposed to show mastery of knowledge and research tools, and should contribute something new to the discipline in which it is written.
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a marathon, not a sprint
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a mandatory requirement of most British MA, MSc and MBA courses
a requirement in this final year
an extended piece of academic writing (c.15000-25000 words in length) on a particular subject required for some university courses
an original contribution to current knowledge in the field and a demonstration that the Ph
a significant original contribution to knowledge in a field
Long essay, usually contributing to the overall mark or grade for a course.
a long project of investigation of the year that you design and lead in his the own one (with the help of a committee of the members of the faculty)
a student's description of their identification of a problem, their search for its solution and their conclusions
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a core part of the M
a study made independently and published as a book or otherwise, for instance electronically, which has not been displayed in a published form in full before