Definitions for "Treatise "
A major written analysis of the teachings implicit in a Sutra.
Treatise, composition by British composer Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981). Treatise is a graphic musical score comprising 193 pages of lines, symbols, and various geometric or abstract shapes that eshew conventional musical notation (see graphic musical notation). Implicit in the title is a reference to the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein which was of particular inspiration to Cardew in composing the work.
Treatise is an sparse interface for reading large amounts of text. It strips all the formatting from a document and provides a pure-text view of the contents. As such, it is suitable for reading e-books, essays, short stories, novels, and academic texts.
Story; discourse.
A written composition on a particular subject, in which its principles are discussed or explained; a tract.
book or set of books that provides in-depth discussion of a legal subject, with citations to primary authorities and other secondary authorities.
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a scholarly description of an area of the law
a legal work, often multi-volume, usually written by a respected legal scholar or scholars