Definitions for "Masters Degree"
A Postgraduate degree, e.g. MA (Master of Arts), MSc (Master of Science)
The degree awarded after a student has completed his/her bachelor's degree and designated graduate study program. After receiving a bachelorâ€(tm)s degree, a masterâ€(tm)s degree program generally required two additional years of study, although the length of the program can vary.
An award that requires the successful completion of a program of study of at least the full-time equivalent of 1 but not more than 2 academic years of work beyond the bachelor's degree.
a prerequisite for admission into a doctoral program in Nursing or other fields
a prerequisite for admission to any of the university's doctoral programmes
a prerequisite for admission to a specialist or doctoral program
a definite plus
a plus, and generally expected of Associates
a plus, an educational background from a top-rated technical university program will be a decisive asset
an important economic investment directed at developing your career
a specialized graduate program that will allow you to gain focused knowledge and vocational expertise in a specific career field
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a pre-requisite
a requirement for teaching in higher education such as community colleges, university and teacher training
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an added advantage