Definitions for "Sprint"
Keywords:  race, metres, furlongs, mile, ski
To run very rapidly; to run at full speed.
The act of sprinting; a run of a short distance at full speed.
The section near the end of a race, where boats make a final push in power and stroke rate to cross the finish line. Usually done in the last 250-500 meters.
a focused development session, in which developers pair in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem
a focused event where people get together to work on TurboGears code and work out some ideas
a focussed development session based on the principles of Extreme Programming, in which developers pair off together in a room and focus on a particular subsystem or task
The very high acceleration defensive missile used for "terminal defense". More information.
The Sprint was a United States Army anti-ballistic missile, developed as part of the Nike-X program, later redesignated the Sentinel program. Sentinel never became operational, but the technology was deployed briefly in a downsized version called the Safeguard program.
Keywords:  smuggler, courier
A courier or smuggler.
DSM risk assessment tool, in which typical eRisks for Apollo processes are updated.
a time when programmers come together to work on interesting projects
Sprint was a powerful and programmable text-based word processor for DOS, first published by Borland in 1987.
a contest where a station that initiates a QSO (for example, by calling "CQ") must change frequency immediately after the QSO, without working any other station on the same frequency
Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team
A brief campaign within a longer sales-incentive program designed to maintain interest and excitement.
a set of development activities conducted over a pre-defined period resulting in a demonstrable executable
a set of development activities conducted over a pre-defined period, usually one or four weeks
a high-quality, innovative range of metric cable glands, capable of covering all the safety requirements imposed on cable entry
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On maturity pays out a share in the performance of a basket provided a minimum number of component assets in the basket fails to exceed an upper barrier during the product's life. Otherwise, a coupon is paid on maturity. The underlying is typically a basket of indices.
Sacrifices any action to move at 3x normal movement rate
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See swim-off.
Keywords:  week, exercise, cycle, process
a cycle in the process and for this exercise it was every week
an activity of short duration and low complexity
Keywords:  gather, day, software, project, people
a group of people who gather for a day or more to work on a common software project