Definitions for "Moto "
Keywords:  bicycle, referee, race, bmx, ridden
A single racing heat.
a race referee or official who uses a motorcycle during the bicycle race event. The motor referee is often primarily responsible for centerline rule enforcement during road races using a rolling enclosure.
Race of BMX.
Mail order / telephone order discount rate: The discount rate charged by the merchant account provider for credit card transaction in which the actual credit card was not available to the merchant. MOTO discount rates are generally higher than swipe discount rates to account for the increased chance of fraud or nonpayment.
This is short for mail order / telephone order. These are card not present transactions.
Mail Order/Telephone Order. Offline A mode of operation that does not require a network and/or third-party authentication.
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Movement; manner of movement; particularly, movement with increased rapidity; -- used especially in the phrase con moto, directing to a somewhat quicker movement; as, andante con moto, a little more rapidly than andante, etc.
motion (for example, con moto, "moving onwards").
Motion; con moto - with motion.
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The black or Sumi markings conspicuous on Koi from fry to adulthood.
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a good actress
Moto is a server-side scripting language much like PHP or ColdFusion. The difference between Moto and other server-side scripting languages is that Moto pages can run interpreted or be natively compiled into dynamically loadable Apache modules .
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yeast starter
An acronym for "Master-Of -The-Obvious", this is a type of sports bet made on the basis of what everyone knows. E.g. Baltimore in Super Bowl 3. MOTO bets usually lose.
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a cheap way to see Cambodia and cool in more ways than one
Experimental 3D animation package based on formal object-oriented system. Some features: character animation, expressions, interpolation, driven keys and non-linear animation.
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a friendly person to almost all others he or she meets
a positively spirited person, with an easy going nature