Definitions for "Speedway"
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a racetrack for racing automobiles or motorcycles
a NASCAR sanctioned track
Specialised sport run on short, oval dirt tracks with four riders from two teams in each race.
Speedway are a Scottish pop rock group who were formed in 2001 by Glaswegians Jill Jackson (lead vocals) and Jim Duguid (drums). The band acquired two more members in that same year, in the shape of bassist Tom Swann from Edinburgh and guitarist Dan Sells, and signed with Innocent Records in 2002. The band supported the former on their UK tour in early 2003, and played a number of university gigs as well, and they were noted for playing one song in particular- the Christina Aguilera 1999 hit Genie In A Bottle, and as a result, in September 2003, it became their first single as a double-a-side, with another song, "Save Yourself" and hit #10 in the UK singles chart.
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Another term for a Meg-Way.
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road where high speed driving is allowed