Definitions for "Spotter "
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A team member located somewhere on the race track on a high, elevated vantage point and who, by radio, can communicate with the driver and crew chief regarding the conditions and situations on the race track. The spotter can also assist the driver when he is driving in a tight situation.
A second set of eyes for the driver; this team member watches the race from the top of the grandstands or press box. Via radio, he alerts the driver where to drive on the race track to avoid an accident, when clear of other vehicles and also signals the crew when the driver enters pit road.
A team member who watches the race from high in the grandstands or press box and is in constant radio contact with the driver, telling him what is going on around him.
A person in continual contact with the stunt, providing assistance as needed.
Person who directs the jumping from the plane.
A person who is in direct contact with the performing surface and may help control the building of, or dismounting from, a mount. This person may not provide primary support, meaning the mount or pyramid would remain stable without the spotter. The primary responsibility of the spotter is to watch for safety hazards.
In smokejumping, rappelling, and paracargo operations, the individual responsible for selecting drop target and supervising all aspects of dropping smokejumpers, rappellers, or cargo.
In smokejumping, the person responsible for selecting drop targets and supervising all aspects of dropping smokejumpers.
A shooter partner who can assist the shooter in long distance shooting.
A companion to the shooter on the firing point, who undertakes recording the accuracy of shooting and can advise on wind conditions, especially for long range shooting.
Enthusiast working with the television camera men while a match is being televised...The spotter advises the camera men of the strategy and the darter's most likely next target so the camera can zoom in on that part of the board
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A fine pointed brush with very short bristles used in fine detail work.
A fine pointed round brush with very short bristles used to create fine details.
a person who hangs around for the sole purpose of guarding your fall and keeping your head from hitting the ground
a person who stands behind the climber and protects their head and back from hitting anything
One who stands guard while someone performs a set. A spotter's primary function is to prevent injury, but may be called upon to either re-rack a weight after a heavy set or assist with forced reps.
A Digger's counterpart. Spotters use equipment above ground to aid Diggers by scanning for Reaverbots and guiding them through ruins.
someone who is the first to observe something
someone who delights in collecting balloon licence numbers, badges and anoraks.
The course worker(s) who stays close to the timer and watches the cars on the course, alerting the timer of downed cones, red flags, and when the next car needs to wait to start if there is a problem.
a worker employed at a dry-cleaning establishment to remove spots
a worker employed to apply spots (as markers or identifiers)
Individual who's task is similar to monitor, but specifically is charged with observing the firing area, fall-out area and spectator areas looking for debris, fires and duds.
One or more individuals that aid in the saftey, positioning, and performance of a weight resistance exercise.
Someone who stands nearby to assist you when performing an exercise.
Person who watches a person closely to see if any help is needed during a specific exercise.
Spotter is software that can check students' answers to symbolic and numerical problems in math and science. It recognizes an answer regardless of the form it's in, and the instructor can put in helpful hints as responses to frequently-occurring mistakes. Symbolic answers can be input in a notation closely resembling normal human math notation (e.g.
Partner who, if necessary, assists in placing heavy weight into position and acts as a safety in case fatigue prevents lifter from completing a repetition.
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a nice addition
A person who identifies each archer's score with a telescope and enters the score.
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A carpet stain remover.
A stain removal agent.
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Stacking Static Stretching
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Individual who assigns green tobacco storage locations within the Leaf Room or outside green storage. The Spotter also locates tobacco in the Leaf Room or outside green storage when needed by the blending line.
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a must to keep rest-time short and insure you lift the weights to the maximum of your abilities, but this is well worth the effort
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a relationship
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One who spots.