Definitions for "Spotting"
The convective movement of firebrands carried over the main perimeter of a fire.
Using a unit up ahead of some Siege Units to reveal the fog of war so the Siege Units can fire from long distances.
when sparks or flaming material from a fire are carried by surface wind or winds generated by the fire that fall beyond the main fire perimeter and result in spot fires.
Retouching of a photographic print using a brush with watercolors or dyes, or a pencil, to get rid of blemishes caused by dust or scratches on a negative.
Retouching a processed print with a pencil or brush (with watercolors or dyes) to eliminate spots left by dust or scratches on the negative.
Retouching dust spots or other fine blemishes in a photographic image with a small brush. Usually only done on prints.
Placement or "dropping" of a trailer by a carrier for loading or unloading.
Placing cars in a desired location; shifting.
Placement of equipment in exact location in booth by using a forklift.
Giving protection to a climber climbing close to the ground by standing under him or her and using outstretched arms to help cushion a fill; often used when bouldering
Spotting is a technique used in climbing, especially in bouldering, where the climbers are close to the ground and ropes are not typically used. The spotter stands below the climber, with arms raised or at the ready. If the climber falls, the spotter does not catch the climber, but redirects the climber's fall so that they land safely on a bouldering mat.
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External support provided by someone else (the spotter) to assist the training person when they reach muscle failure.
Synonyms: timing, cueing. Formerly, a mechanical procedure carried out indepen­dently of the content and nuances of the dialogue by technicians (repérage). Now used to describe the process of defining the in and out times of individual subtitles.
This is when the person executing a paticular exercise is given assistance from another trainer or training partner. Typically when asked to spot somebody you will be expected to watch closely and be ready to step in if your partner gets in to trouble. An example of bad spotting is when the person giving assistance touches the bar and provides assistance even from the first rep. This can be very frustrating! Contributed by: Thosas
A slight discharge of blood via the vagina.
Small amounts of red or brownish discharge occurring during the menstrual cycle at times other than the true menstrual period. See Inter-menstrual bleeding.
Looks like a brown or reddish tinted discharge. Should not be as heavy as a full period. This is when the endometrium (the uterus lining) has started to pull away from the uterus, anticipating a monthly period before realizing that there is a pregnancy.
In some rules systems, an enemy unit cannot be "seen" (even though the miniature may be in plain sight on the tabletop) until a friendly unit makes a successful Spotting attempt. The act of "seeing" a previously unseen unit is known as Spotting, as in, "I've spotted the enemy!"
the act of spotting or staining something
the act of detecting something; catching sight of something
This is the condition describing the formation of small off-color areas on a finished surface.
The fitting of one part of a die to another by applying an oil or water color to the surface. Also refers to the smooth area around a hole for a fastener marked by the transferred color.
The fitting of one part of a die to another by applying an oil or water color to the surface of the finished part and bringing it against the surface of the intended mating part, the high spots being marked by the transferred color.
Activity that includes watching airplanes take off and land at an airport, writing down registrations of said aircraft, listening to a scanner, taking pictures of the aircraft, or any combination of the above. It is a very common and misunderstood hobby of aviation enthusiasts.
a lack of pigment in the coat of the sheep that produces a "white spot" or absence of color.
Color patterns produced by the interaction between white and solid color genes.
A term referring to the white patches on the coat.
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Focusing on a fixed point through a turn
The process of using a rotating tool to cut small circles and rose patterns, usually on a pre engine turned surface, sometimes as a recess for enamel.
The process of polishing a surface with a rotating felt giving small overlapping circles. Sometimes done with the help of an engine turning machine. Pledge & Aldworth have produced a number of variations on this by using a moving spindle in straight lines and waves.
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The same as foxing
Positioning the apparatus in a location that provides the utmost efficiency for operating on the foreground.
the pumping of a substance such as oil into an interval in the well.
1] Residue on a substrate from droplets or streaks of water, usually alkali salts or containing some other previously dissolved substance.[2] Residue on a substrate from oil, such as cutting oil or lubricant. Both may cause coating defects.
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See Implantation Spotting
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See map plotting.
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