Definitions for "mottling"
the act of coloring with areas of different shades.
Spots or blotches of soil of a certain colour or shade of colour interspersed within a soil with a different dominant colour. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
A mottled pattern.
Spotty or uneven appearance in a printed image, especially in a solid.
Blotchy or patchy color patterning.
Keywords:  snowflake, candle, igi, towel, wiped
A surface effect on a poured candle that looks like snowflakes.
Snowflake appearance in wax.
Scattered snowflake pattern on the candle. This can be done by accident or on purpose. It is the result of too much oil in the candle (by accident) or the deliberate addition of Mineral Oil. Our IGI 1286 is designed to mottle on purpose.- the darker the candle the more the contrast of the snowflakes will show- the slower you let the candle cool the more pronounced will be the snowflakes- the candle will "bleed" oil which just needs to be wiped with a paper towel
Keywords:  sharpening, peel, sky, orange, monotone
A texture similar to orange peel sometimes caused by sharpening. It is most noticeable on flat areas like sky or skin.
A texture similar to orange peel, sometimes caused by sharpening. It is particularly visible in flat areas such as sky or skin.
A texturing seen in the smooth or monotone areas of an image. This can be due to faulty processing and a number of improperly used digital processes e.g. excessive un-sharp masking.
marble-like pattern that occurs in soils where the water table fluctuates periodically.
Discoloration of skin resembling marbling, typically on chest, trunk arms or legs.
A film defect associated with spraying. Appears as circular imperfections.