Definitions for "Yellowing"
Gradual colour change in the original appearance of a P.S. label, characterized by the development of yellowish and brownish hues.
The discolouration of white finishes due to heat, ageing or smoke/fumes.
A yellow cast on any clear, white or light colored material due to aging, heat, cleaning etc. yeild strenght Less than the allowable stress to strain, the ratio of stress to strain where the value has dropped below maximum attainable stress. zinc Zn, a metallic element as used in the galvanizing of steel, cathodic protection.
The yellow color of plant parts resulting from theexcessive proportion of yellow pigments, in turn produced by the underdevelopment or partial destruction of the green pigments.
A color change in an unpigmented system, usually due to exposure to Ultraviolet rays or other weathering conditions.
Yellowing of the top of a leaf usually indicates too much light. Yellowing of entire older leaf usually indicates sloughing off of the leaf. Yellowin spots on top of leaf usually indicates sucking insect on underside.
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The act or process of making yellow.