Definitions for "Staining"
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To apply reagents to cells in order to impart color to specific components.
The act of changing the color of wood without disturbing the texture of markings, through the application of transparent pigmented liquids.
One of the optional operations in wood finishing, producing the desired undertone color and complementing the wood with proper distribution of color, depth of color and clarity of grain. Selection of type of stain used is governed by desired aesthetic result.
A phenomenon of discoloration on newly installed limestone. Buff limestone will exhibit a brown stain while gray limestone will exhibit a dark gray stain. This staining is similar to efflorescence but it is the organic matter in the stone which is leaching out through the release of excess water of crystallization of the setting mortar.
Dark brown marks left on trees and on the ground made by water.
Cloudiness or other discoloration of the glass that can easily be seen. More severe than haze.
Contamination of many surfaces with water, soot, smoke, tannins and tobacco can result in color coming through the paint surface to cause stains. Stains caused by water will leave a tide mark and after drying, the paint around the stain can be removed and the surface repainted. If the surface may become damp again, remove the source of the water or paint with chlorinated rubber or a hard varnish. Patches of soot or smoke should be removed before coating. Use of an insulating paint before the final coat can help. Nicotine should be removed with an alkaline cleaner (bleach) before coating. Remember to wash off all the alkali before attempting to paint.
some ingredients, notably antidegradants, will not only bloom to the surface of a rubber article, they will migrate to contacting surfaces and at times make a visible stain that may be objectionable
Blemishes or residue deposits on masonry surface caused by material which has penetrated the surface of a material.
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See bitumen.
Application and Use Local exudation of small amounts of liquid by gels on standing.
Colouration of water by dissolved substances.
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the act of spotting or staining something