Definitions for "UCR"
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Under Color Removal. A color separation setting used on color photographs where cyan, magenta and yellow inks are removed from dark, neutral areas and black ink is swapped in instead. The advantages are a reduction in overall ink usage. See also GCR.
Undercolor Removal. The process of reducing color and increasing black in areas where all three colors overprint to improve trapping and reduce ink costs. This can be achieved manually in color separation films or digitally in image editing applications.
Undercolor Removal. TA prepress term describing a technique of making color separations such that the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow ink is reduced in midtone and shadow areas while the amount of black is increased.
A method of reimbursement on a fee for service basis that reflects the usual and customary rates for the same services in a geographic location.
A method of profiling prevailing fees in an area and reimbursing providers on the basis of that profile. One common method is to average all fees and choose the 80th or 90th percentile. Sometimes this term is used synonymously with a fee allowance schedule when that schedule is set relatively high.
See usual and customary.
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UCR is a city, county, and state public safety program operated by the FBI that provides a nationwide view of crime based on the submission of statistics by public safety agencies throughout the country. The following offenses are recorded: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter; forcible rape; robbery; aggravated assault; burglary; larceny theft; motor vehicle theft; arson; and hate crimes.
UNIFORM CRIME REPORTING. a federal reporting system which provides data on crime based on police statistics submitted by law enforcement agencies in the nation. DOJ administers and forwards the data for California to the federal program.
Uniform Crime Reports. a summation of crime statistics tallied annually by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and consisting primarily of data on crimes reported to the police and of arrests. [Go to source
Unified Carrier Registration
ULD CONTROL RECEIPT. A voucher of transfer ULD signed by transferring and receiving carriers which is used to retrieve ULD and for account settlement of ULD demurrage.
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this is the amount that has been established by the health plan as the acceptable charge for each service. Participating providers agree to accept this amount as payment in full for covered services. Non-participating providers may bill for the difference between the UCR and what they charge.
The average fee charged by a majority of providers in a specific geographic location for a particular service. This rule applies to Tier III of the Triple Option Plan and to the Stanford Employee PPO. Any portion of charges that exceeds UCR is not covered by the plan.
The unconditional response. Unconditional means not learned. The UCR of salivation, which occurs in the presence of food is not learned. It is a reflex response.
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Unit Carcinogenic Risk