Definitions for "capitation"
Keywords:  hmo, pmpm, dentist, enrollee, physician
Fixed monthly payment based on the number of patients assigned to a doctor by an HMO. Doctor provides any needed professional services for this payment. Doctor paid same no matter how much or little s/he sees patient. Typically adjusted for age and sex to reflect typical needs of the patient.
A method of payment for services in which providers are paid a pre-determined, fixed amount of money per enrolled member per time period, in return for providing contractually agreed upon services to a specifically defined population.
A pre-defined dollar amount established to cover the cost of health care delivery for a person. This rate is paid to the health care provider who then is responsible for delivering or arranging for the delivery of all health services required by the person.
Keywords:  cited, poll, head, tax, imposed
A tax upon each head or person, without reference to property; a poll tax.
a head tax, and is cited as such in the Constitution
A direct uniform tax imposed on each head
a Direct Tax, requiring apportionment, but has never been invoked
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a tax on people -- it has nothing to do with income or whether a person even has any
Keywords:  heads, individuals, numbering
A numbering of heads or individuals.