Definitions for "Under color removal"
Keywords:  magenta, cyan, yellow, shadows, neutral
A technique for reducing the amount of magenta, cyan, and yellow in dark and neutral areas and replacing the amounts of CMY with black. The technique works in the following way: colored ink is used up to a certain value, after which black is added in order to improve the dark areas of an image, so that total ink coverage (TIC) is not exceeded. Cyan, magenta and yellow are removed as far as they are identical and replaced with the equivalent amount of black. The depth of colors is thus improved and the total amount of printing ink reduced.
The process by which equal shades of cyan, magenta and yellow are removed and replaced with black, thereby reducing ink plugging and usage and improving quality. to top
Reducing the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks independently within the darkest neutral shadow areas in an image reproduction and replacing them with a controlled amount of black to reduce the total tonal density. The three colors are reduced so the shadows have better detail, improved trapping, and more consistent reproduction.