Definitions for "Mottle"
Keywords:  spotty, uneven, blotch, mealy, sinkage
To mark with spots of different color, or shades of color, as if stained; to spot; to maculate.
A mottled appearance.
To diversify with spots or blotches of a different color or shade.
Mottle is the intermingling of broken cross markings with stripe figure. Block mottle involves broad cross markings producing a patch effect and is commonly found in Makore. Bees-wing-mottle is very small, fine figure and often occurs in Sapele, Satinwood and Black Bean.
This is another type of cross figure. The effect of broken up cross markings, intermingled with strips, is generally referred to as mottle. Broad cross markings, broken by variations in strip, produce a block or patchy effect, known as block mottle, (example) and a very small, fine figure is referred to as bees-wing-mottle ( example) .Block mottle figure occurs more often in Khaya or Makore while bees-wing-mottle is more common to Sapeli, Bubinga, Satinwood, Black Bean.
Irregular, diffuse patterns of chlorotic areas interspersed with normal green leaf tissue.[1] Fin. Swe.
disease symptom characterised by light and dark areas in an irregular pattern on a leaf or fruit.
Creation of irregular pattern by blotting a pad stain with solvent.
A blotchy appearance in a coating film caused by flooding and floating of pigment particles and electrostatic attraction. Most noticeable in metallic coatings.