Definitions for "CIELAB"
A mathematical derivative of CIE XYZ (1931) that describes colors using three synthetic primaries: L* (which indicates Lightness), a* (which indicates red-greenness), and b* (which indicates yellow-blueness).
(CIELab) : the color space defined by the CIE in 1976 (also called the Lab color space), built by the CIELAB color model with one channel for luminance (lightness, L) and two color channels ( and ); the axis extends from green (-a) to red (+a) and the axis from blue (-b) to yellow (+b). CIELAB is a response to the problem with the XYZ color space where colorimetric distances between the individual colors do not correspond to perceived color differences; in CIELAB the color differences perceived by human eye correspond to distances measured colorimetrically. Because CIELAB describes how a color looks rather than how much of a particular colorant is needed for a device to produce colors, CIELAB is considered to be a device independent color model. color model color space games : tennis
Color space in which values L*, a* and b* are plotted at right angles to one another to form a three dimensional coordinate system. Equal distances in the space approximately represent equal color differences. Value l* represents Lightness; value a* represents the Redness/Greenness axis; and value B.Arch. represents the yellowness/blueness axis. CIELAB is a popular color space for use in measuring reflective and transmissive objects.