Definitions for "Color Model"
Keywords:  rgb, hsb, cmyk, hls, lab
A way of describing color. (i.e. CMYK, HSB, PMS and RGB)
A color model is a standard code of colors used by graphics and printing professionals to represent the same colors that we see in the real world. The RGB (Red-Green-Blue) and CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) are two of the most popular color models used for onscreen and printed images. Hemera uses the LAB color model to process raw digital files.
A means of specifying color numerically, usually in terms of varying amounts of primary colors. Examples include RGB, CMYK, and CIELAB.
A color measurement scale or system that numerically specifies the perceived attributes of color. Used in computer graphics applications and by color measurement instruments.
a method of grouping numeric values by a set of primaries
a way of representing colors numerically
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an orderly system for creating a whole range of colors from a small set of primary colors
a method of specifying a color (position) in color space, often using a co-ordinate system
See Color space.
an abstraction that provides a means to convert pixel color values to absolute colors
a method for defining colors
a method for explaining the properties or behavior of color within some particular context