Definitions for "Luminosity"
the total energy emitted by an object per second; that is, the power of the object. for stars the luminosity is usually measured in units of ergs per second.
Luminance scale corrected for the human eye's perception of brightness.
emitting glowing light
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The distribution of an image's light and dark values.
A quality, or sense of illusion, of a glowing of light coming from within a painting.
The illusion that a glow or light is coming from within a work.
A collider parameter that specifies the frequency with which collisions occur.
a measure of collision rate between intended colliding particles.
This figure of merit for an accelerator quantifies the intensity of the beams. It is directly related to the number of events produced at the machine.
Massively-parallel computers
Luminosity has different meanings in several different fields of science.
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The quality or state of being luminous; luminousness.