Definitions for "Daylight"
The light of day as opposed to the darkness of night; the light of the sun, as opposed to that of the moon or to artificial light.
The color temperature of natural sunlight-- referring to light at about 5600 degrees K
Sunlight or skylight or a mixture of the two types. Daylight has a color temperature of from about 5500oK. to 6000oK.
The largest capacity, vertically, that the press can handle or the vertical clearance from the underside of the ram to the top of the bolster. The ram must be in its maximum up position.
The distance, in the open position, between the moving and fixed tables or the platens of a hydraulic press. In the case of a multidaylight press, daylight is the distance between adjacent platens.
The maximum clear distance between the pressing surfaces of a press when the surfaces are in the usable open position. Where a bolster plate is supplied, it is considered the pressing surface. See also shut height.
In the stream restoration world, "to daylight" is a verb denoting the excavation and restoration of a stream channel from an underground culvert, covering, or pipe - in other words, opening it up to the daylight.
Daylight is both an EP, released by underground rap artist Aesop Rock in 2002, and a single from his second major album Labor Days. The single has tracks 1-3 on Side A, and instrumentals to 1-3 on Side B.
Daylight is the fourth album by Duncan Sheik. His last for Atlantic Records, it was released in 2003 as an attempt at a pure pop album and included the single "On a High."
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Daylight is an action film, released on Friday, December 6 1996, starring Sylvester Stallone and directed by Rob Cohen.
What a ballcarrier is coached to look for; the time at which coaches begin and end their work day.
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The period of time during any day that begins with the morning civil twilight and ends with the evening civil twilight. Fr: lumière du jour
The famous red, orange, and black paint scheme used by Southern Pacific. I often refer to the "Daylight" as meaning the only remaining steam locomotive that was originally painted Daylight colors, but actually there are remaining diesel locomotives and passenger cars that are also painted Daylight colors.
A painting defect where there is a lack of coverage of a coat of paint.
see visible solar radiation  Tageslicht
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The terminal end of a pipe that is not attached to anything
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The eyes.
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Chemical database software.