Definitions for "Dichroic"
A glass reflector and bulb assembly that allows heat to dissipate through the reflector and away from the bulb thus increasing bulb life.
A reflector that allows infrared light (heat) to pass through and reflects visible light forward. Commonly found on low-voltage halogen lamps.
A type of coating that when applied to glass can produce a so- called "cold" mirror for use in projector lamphouses that permits greater screen brightness without the risk of radiant energy (heat) problems. Usually, the rear surface of the mirror is treated by depositing very thin layers of a special coating material designed to transmit infrared (IR) radiation effectively and reflect visible radiation. Alternatively, by selecting certain other materials for the deposit, IR radiation can be reflected and visible radiation transmitted, thus providing an efficient heat filter for arc radiation devices.
Having the property of dichroism; as, a dichroic crystal.
Literally means "two colors". A mineral that exhibits one color when viewed from one angle but a different color when viewed from a different angle is said to display dichroism.
Minerals which exhibit dichroism are said such.
Refers to a gem that appears two different colors or shades when viewed from different directions