Definitions for "shades"
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spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun; "he was wearing a pair of mirrored shades"
colors created when black is added to a hue to darken a color
Colors to which black has been added. Details...
"Shades" (Polish: "Cienie") is one of Bolesław Prus' shortest micro-stories. Written in 1885, it comes from a several years' period of pessimism in the author's life caused partly by the 1883 failure of Nowiny (News), a Warsaw daily that he had been editing less than a year. Prus, the "lamplighter" who had striven to dispel darkness and its attendant "fear, error and crime," had failed to sufficiently interest the public in his "observatory of societal facts," Nowiny.
Canvas covers that protect a track from the sun and debris between races.
Retractable covers that shield the track from sunlight and sometimes from snow between runs.
Canvas covers used to protect the track from sun and debris between races.
are a top treatment either applied to a board or rod that can be stationary or can be movable vertically. They are usually used as a privacy treatment and can be decorated in fabrics in many ways. (See example)
are window coverings that are made of material, which can be permanently pleated, like that of a cellular or pleated shade, or can be a drapery fabric like that of a roman shade. Shades are drawn up and stacked at the top of the window. Shades can be raised to allow more light into a room and then lowered to afford more privacy. They can be stopped at different intervals on the window, and still maintain a neat, finished look.
Shades is a Java Object/Relational Mapping system focused on simplicity and interface-based configuration. Shades fills a voids between SQL frameworks and transparent object persistence.
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Spirits of the Dead