Definitions for "Privacy"
Privacy is a software package containing Tor and FreeCap. With both programs you have the ability to connect applications anonymous through the internet.
The state of being in retirement from the company or observation of others; seclusion.
A place of seclusion from company or observation; retreat; solitude; retirement.
Privacy knob or lever sets are lockable, either by a push button or some other built-in locking mechanism. Usually used for bathrooms, bedrooms, or other interior doors where lockable doors are desirable. Because the locks are not meant for heavy security, there is usually an emergency entry feature included. (Compare with Passage knob and lever sets.)
This is a locking set with operable handles that is locked by a turn piece from the interior side and can be unlocked by an emergency release key from the exterior side (typically used on bedroom and bathroom doors). [Category: Lock Terminology, General
A privacy door set has a push-button locking mechanism on one side of the knob. Most commonly used on bedroom/bathroom doors, enabling the homeowner to lock the door behind them.
Concealment of what is said or done.
A private matter; a secret.
The right to keeping things to yourself or another person. Different from secrecy or a secret. ("Masturbation should be done in private.") ("When Charles was molesting his nephew, he told him it was their 'secret'".)
Used as a euphemism and necronym for prenatal child-killing by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers.
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A rating or feature which describes how much of the outside view is obstructed by the blind/shade.
Refers to how much of a view is blocked when the window treatment is fully closed.
Do you prefer to meet your new neighbors in your own time? Window coverings should make your home a safe haven where you feel comfortable enough to lounge around in your pajamas. Nobody wants to live in a fishbowl, so where privacy is an issue, you'll want to choose a window covering that works as well at night as it does during the day. Shutters ensure privacy when closed properly, as do certain types of shades. Some shades allow shadows to be seen from outside, so you'll want to verify that the material you choose offers complete privacy. Blinds offer adequate privacy for most people, however, the tiny holes that house the strings can offer a peep hole view inside. Adding decorative tapes to blinds-a popular retro look-can resolve the 'hole' problem.
Control over the extent, timing, and circumstances of sharing oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others.
A person’s capacity to control the extent, timing, and circumstances of shared oneself (physically, behaviorally, or intellectually) with others.
Something people used to care a lot about—which is a good thing, since there's less and less of it left. Depending on the agency and the day of the week, the federal government oscillates crazily between, on the one hand, ordering you to provide privacy for customers and transactions and, on the other hand, petitioning Congress and the courts to ratify plans to violate it evermore aggressively. Privacy has clearly seen better days.
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See Privity, 2.
A broad term, in this context, meaning file encryption.
Protection of traffic by means of encryption or other means specifically applied for that purpose.
A security service, in which transmitted data is encrypted before being sent. Privacy also includes data integrity and user authentication. See also authentication, integrity, service.
Legal matters concerning privacy. View page
Of concern because franchise agreements and ordinances written for broadcast services may not include adequate protections for interactive services.
On the Internet, privacy and associated software products, a major concern of users, can be divided into these concerns: What personal information can be shared with whom; Whether messages can be exchanged without anyone else seeing them; Whether and how one can send messages anonymously.
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a doomed ideal, in the end
The ability to keep anyone but the intended recipient from reading a given message.
The service used to prevent the content of messages from being read by other than the intended recipients.
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See also Semi-Opaque. A term used to describe a fabric that blocks enough light that only vague shapes are visible from the outside.
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privacy glass (one-way dark tinted window glass)
The interest that individuals have in sustaining a 'personal space,' free from interference by other people and organizations.
When a person cannot be observed or disturbed by others.
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Details our Privacy Statement.
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