Definitions for "Latch"
Keywords:  fasten, lever, knob, shut, bevel
That which fastens or holds; a lace; a snare.
A movable piece which holds anything in place by entering a notch or cavity; specifically, the catch which holds a door or gate when closed, though it be not bolted.
To catch so as to hold.
Stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, which refers to a way of securing the car seat to the vehicle with straps or tethers.
An acronym that stands for "Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren" and refers to the child restraint anchorage system specified in FMVSS 225 and the corresponding top tethers and lower attachments identified in FMVSS 213. See also ISOFIX, Lower Universal Anchorage System.
ower nchors and ethers for CH ildren (new acronym for standardized vehicle anchorage system).
Circuit element that stores a given value on its output until told to store a different value.
A device that changes a momentary switchâ€(tm)s action to latched. (A momentary switch acts like a doorbell and a latch acts like a light switch.)
a circuit which takes a snapshot of the logic levels on its input and preserves them on its output
A crossbow.
Mechanical device that attaches one component, such as a science instrument, to the structure of the telescope and holds it in precisely the right place.
A movable device used to secure a part or piece in place relative to another. As applied to firearms, various types of latches are employed to hold barrels, cylinders, etc., in position and to enable these parts to be moved for loading, unloading and disassembly.
Keywords:  flip, serialization, sga, global, lid
a simple, low-level serialization mechanism that protect in-memory data structures in the System Global Area (SGA)
a simple, low level serialization mechanism that protects a critical resource
A simple, low-level serialization mechanism to protect shared data structures in the System Global Area.
Keywords:  anoint, smear
To smear; to anoint.
Keywords:  forever, boolean, once, false, true
a boolean condition that is set at most once, ever
a condition starting out false, but once set true remains true forever
Keywords:  notch, closure, slot, bar, fits
A closure that has a bar which fits into a notch or slot.
Keywords:  lunch, clasp, plastic, box, handle
The metal or plastic device near the handle which keeps a lunch box closed. Also referred to as the "clasp."
Keywords:  energize, wet, dry, switch, indicating
Control term indicating that in order for a switch to energize or de-energize, both set points must be wet, or both set points musts be dry.
a different way of achieving that same function, but it turns out it has significant advantages over a transistor
interlocking method that generally requires a specific action or high force to remove connectors from one another.
Keywords:  detector, want, wire, zone, back
Latch is used when we want to wire back more that one detector to a zone
a short-term lightweight synchronization object
A term that indicates that the state of a digital signal will remain stored until change by another command.
A latching.