Definitions for "Buss"
Keywords:  smack, rude, kiss, playful, caressing
A kiss; a rude or playful kiss; a smack.
To kiss; esp. to kiss with a smack, or rudely.
the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)
Metal bar to which wires coming into the house are attached and from which circuits are routed; an electrical conductor for carrying large currents. Buss is also a common brand of fuse.
Where a signal is routed from and to. MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A way to convert digital information into a format that reads and sends simple program instructions, commands or changes to a device or computer. Midi files are very small compared to audio files.
A circuit that connects the input or tape and effect return signals with the output connectors.
Keywords:  cabins, fishery, masts, vessel, strong
A small strong vessel with two masts and two cabins; -- used in the herring fishery.
A method of transferring information between various devices. All busses contain "wires" to transmit and receive data, control, and in some cases arbitration.
(Also Bus) The "highway" which connects the various components of a computer system.