Definitions for "comparator "
An investigational drug or marketed product (ie, active control) or placebo used as a reference in a clinical trial.
An investigational or marketed product (i.e., active control), or placebo, used as a reference in a clinical trial. (ICH)
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A component which satisfies, for input Vin and reference voltage Vr the equations: if Vin Vr then Vout = Vcc. if Vin Vr then Vout = -Vcc.
It is a circuit which compares two signals, reading of duplicate information stored in a computer, and then providing with an indication of agreement or disagreement between the two.
an electronic block whose output is determined by comparing the values of its two inputs
An instrument or machine for comparing anything to be measured with a standard measure; -- applied especially to a machine for comparing standards of length.
Bush's tape based-electronic cryptanalytic machines.
a device to magnify and precisely measure the projected image (shadow) of items normally difficult to measure such as soft products, or item with very irregular surfaces
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A test kit for measuring some of the parameters of pool water such as pH and Chlorine. A reagent tablet, liquid or powder is added to a sample of the pool water. A color develops in the sample which is the compared to a reference color chart. From the best match of the colors, the result can be directly read off. See also Photometer
A device for inspecting screw threads and outlines by comparing them with a greatly enlarged standard chart.
A JigCell software component that supports assessment of the quality of a model by quantitative comparison between experimental data and numerical results from an ensemble of simulation runs.
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an OpAmp without the feedback loop, giving it infinite gain
comparator and filterator are a pair of tools for rapidly finding common code segments in large source trees. They can be useful as tools for detecting copyright infringement.
(IEEE) A software tool that compares two computer programs, files, or sets of data to identify commonalities or differences. Typical objects of comparison are similar versions of source code, object code, data base files, or test results.
a class with a binary compare() function
an interface that defines a comparison function and an equals function, which allow an object that implements it to handle the duties of comparing and determining equality as the situation determines
The comparator is used to compare source or data files byte by byte to determine all differences. Comparator functionality should include the use of keys or indexes to allow synchronization of files, and may also include the ability to mask portions of a record by specifying some position or named fields to ignore when performing the comparison.
a tag which takes two values and returns a result which indicates how the first element compares to the second element
An established test against which a proposed test is compared to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed test. A comparator usually means an agent or modality approved for a similar indication. (See also definition for reference product.)
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On chip comparator allows square wave generation for clocking purposes.
a really useful chip
(n.) a device that performs the compare-exchange operation.