Definitions for "Calibrate"
To ascertain the caliber of, as of a thermometer tube; also, more generally, to determine or rectify the graduation of, as of the various standards or graduated instruments.
To adjust a device (printer, monitor, image setter, or scanner) so it produces accurate and predictable output. Despite claims to the contrary, few computer screens and colour devices costing less than $100,000 can be calibrated accurately enough to be considered colour correct.
The process of adjusting a feature for accuracy.
to set, check, or alter the output of pesticide application equipment by taking into account such factors as number of nozzles, nozzle size, speed of movement, size of area to be sprayed, etc.
To determine the amount of pesticide that will be applied to the target area.
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To fine-tune video levels for maximum clarity during digitizing (from videotape).
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