Definitions for "Thermometer"
An instrument for measuring temperature, founded on the principle that changes of temperature in bodies are accompanied by proportional changes in their volumes or dimensions.
An instrument that measures temperature in degrees fahrenheit (F) or centigrade (C).
Instrument used in the measurement of temperature.
a candle making necessity
an invaluable tool in the kitchen
a tool that tells you whether you have one of the symptoms of physical illness (fever)
an integral part of the dispenser cabinet
a vital part of a family's medicine cabinet
a necessary accessory in the Sauna as it is important to know the correct
a necessary safety feature to insure the water can be monitored
a definite upgrade that makes this unit a precise roaster
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a good idea to judge the temp in the box
a useful indication of stove performance
a simple analog computer
a simple example of getting information about your body state that you cannot access easily yourself
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a useful piece of equipment to include on your hunt
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a lasting gift
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a key part of any weather station
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a must have in any home with children