Definitions for "Repeatability"
The ability of an instrument to give the same reading under repeated identical conditions.
The precision with which repeat measurements of the same sample give the same value with all conditions unchanged between measurements, except time.
The degree of positional accuracy achieved during a controlled move, performed again and again, when approacing the target from the same direction.
Is a measure of the range of positions the robot will take when the arm is moved repeatedly to the same position.
The degree to which a parameter such as position or velocity can be duplicated.
The variability of the end-effector's position and orientation as the robot makes the same moves under the same conditions (load, temp, etc.)
The detecting distance tolerance range when a standard target is subjected to repeated detection under set conditions.
Level of agreement between replicates of a sample both within and between runs of the same test method in a given laboratory..
whether or not an extended element can be repeated and optionally a minimum or maximum number of occurrences or both