Definitions for "Sensor"
This project provides runtime performance monitoring and reporting for Java applications. It includes a simple API with timers and counters, data persistence, support classes and aspects , and a reporting web application.
a special kind of Type whose value is asserted by some mechanism or device whose inner workings are unknown (or uninteresting to the identified scope). Its value cannot be altered directly. A sensor detects and reports constantly changing values from the outside world, such as the passage of time, a temperature reading, or some other value. See Chapter 4
A generic name for a device that detects either the absolute value of a physical quantity or a change in value of the quantity and converts the measurement into a useful input signal for an indicating or recording instrument.
Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risks ? the underlying goal of SENSOR is the prevention of occupational disease and injury. As one of the major CDC/NIOSH surveillance programs, SENSOR promotes the more general goals for surveillance including: identifying new, unrecognized occupational diseases, injuries, and hazards; identifying sentinel diseases, injuries or hazards, the occurrence of which represents a failure of prevention; determining and tracking the magnitude and distribution of those diseases in question; disseminating information to aid the public and government in decision-making.
This is the acronym for Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risks. The mission of the SENSOR program is to build and maintain occupational illness and injury surveillance capacity within state health departments. Under this program, NIOSH/CDC provides cooperative agreement funding and technical support to state health departments to conduct surveillance on one or more occupational illnesses or injuries.
Sentinel Event Notification System for Occupational Risk
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a computer arm small part of an antilock brake
a small part cheap computer ram of an antilock brake
a small part of an antilock brake system, which is a small part of a much larger device - an automobile
The computer that monitors the network for intrusion attempts. Some sensors store all records locally, while others send reports to a console application or back-end database. Sensors usually run in promiscuous mode, often without an IP address.
a point monitor, which means it can monitor gas only at a single point
Generally used to refer to any third-party security application that monitors events. Tivoli Risk Manager adapters allow you to integrate these sensors with your Tivoli environment.
A sensor is defined as source of bearing-related information. As such, it could clearly be an acoustic sensor such as a sonar, but could also be a periscope or radar. Debrief makes no specific assumptions regarding what type of sensor is being represented.
a conditional check (linepicks, health compares, etc) that compares the bot against the environment setting its AI state
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See also Photocell, Beam, Cell. Click
a wire that can go in the ground - the reading recorded on the thermometer
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See "Sender."
a fundamental source of data, such as that provided by a mouse or keyboard
A subsystem used to obtain information or data (e.g., light, temperature, number, movement).
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Sensory; as, the sensor nerves.
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a grain or so
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a plug-in type unit with a direct optical input
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Same as sensing element.