Definitions for "electronics"
the branch of physics that deals with the behavior of electrons. Electronics is primarily concerned with phenomena other than simple conduction, such as emission of electrons, storage of electrical charge, the effects of electrical fields on the conduction of electrons through a circuit, and amplification and manipulation of electric signals such as voltage or current by design of circuits. Electronics also encompasses the application of such fundamental principles to the construction of devices using the manipulation of electrons in their operation, known as electronic devices.
the branch of engineering concerned with design of devices using the principles of electronics, for practical purposes.
electronic devices generally, or the electronic circuits within an electronic device.
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Electronics, an American trade journal published from the 1930s until 1995 by Mc Graw-Hill, covered the radio industry and its later spinoffs, and claimed to have invented the word "electronics". More than its principal rival Electronics News, it balanced its appeal to managerial and technical interests. The magazine was best known for publishing the April 19, 1965 article by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in which he outlined what came to be known as Moore's Law.
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This is a catchall phrase for several pieces of equipment that either extend the line or boost the signal. For DSL, there are very few good electronics. A short list of possible electronics includes bridge taps, load coils, and repeaters.
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