Definitions for "Switches"
Used to operate onscreen keyboards; switches can be activated by pressure, tilting, any movement, air pressure from sucking a tube, and blinking and are used by people with very limited movement.
Devices that function in a fashion similar to a single button of a computer keyboard or mouse. Switches are often used by individuals who have severe motor difficulties. The users will use any body muscle (head, hand, toe, eye, breath, etc.) that they can control to operate the switch and, thereby, the computer, communication, or environmental control device.
Used in conjunction with a hardware or software device to provide input to the computers or assistive devices such as battery-operated wheelchairs. A variety of types of switches, including pressure switches, pneumatic switches, and voice-activated switches, are available.
An analog IC (typically CMOS) which, on command, either passes or blocks an electrical signal. Intersil is the leading worldwide supplier of DI (dielectric isolation) and JI (junction isolation) analog switches. See DI and JI.
Are used to easily reconfigure the electrical feeds on a distribution system should repairs or maintenance be needed. By reconfiguring the circuit the number of customers without power can often be minimized.
Controls for electrical devices.
Hardware used on (generally) high-speed networks to connect network segments without causing collisions. Switches allow you to create large, flexible networks without compromising data speeds.
Used to enhance performance by segmenting the network into similar subnets.
This is a network segmentation device by using identification number on the network cards.
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Full-duplex dedicated bandwidth to LAN. It is also called an intelligent hub that guarantees a certain amount of connection to the computer to which it is connected.
A device that links several separate LANs and provides packet filtering between them. A LAN switch is a device with multiple ports, each of which can support an entire Ethernet or Token Ring LAN.
21 Switch - Collects satellite signals from two separate locations and combines them into one. 44 Switch - Also connects satellite signals from two separate locations and combines them into one. It can also be used to connect up to 4 satellite receivers 64 Switch- Collects satellite signals from three separate locations and combine them into one. It can also be use to connect up to 4 satellite receivers
See also Diode Switch, Silicon Controlled Switch, Schottky Diode Switch.
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See startup options.