Definitions for "Closed Circuit"
It is a circuit which have a complete path for current flow.
a closed path that allows electrons to flow
A continuous unbroken circuit in which current can flow without interruption.
When you run a water heater JUST for the pond, and you don't take off hot water from your home water heater, you have to create a closed system. You see, some people hook up their residential water heater to the exchanger and it keeps your bathtub and your pond supplied with hot water. This is not ideal. When you have the water heater dedicated to the pond, it stays hotter, and uses less energy. But, you don't have fresh water in the heater all the time so it creates a special challenge to blow out the last bits of air and get the system primed.
a system in which television signals are transmitted over cable or telephone lines without being broadcast through the air.
Television which does not go out over-the-air and into homes.
A system of transmitting TV signals in which the receiving and originating equipment are directly linked by cable, microwave or telephone lines, without broadcasting through the air.
A loop in the milling process wherein a selected portion of the product of a machine is returned to the head of the machine for finishing to required specification.
See loop.
a course that starts and finishes at the same start point - via any number of intermediary 'turn points'