Definitions for "Finishes"
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Surface treatments, commonly available as: Smooth - machine finished by saw, grinder or planer Honed - dull sheen, without reflections Polished - mirror gloss with sharp reflections Machine Tooled - 4-cut, 6-cut, chiseled, axed, pointed, etc. Chat Sawn - irregular and uneven markings Split Face - concave-convex Rock Face - convex Thermal – plane or sawn surface with flame finish applied by mechanically controlled means to create surface coarseness Special finishes of many kinds are available to meet design requirements.
Any type of finish, be that oil, polish or synthetic.
Refers to various treatments of cotton threads including soft, mercerized, and glaced. "Soft" refers to thread that is simply spun or twisted and then dyed and wound on a cone. "Mercerized" refers to the process where cotton is submerged in a caustic soda bath under tension and then neutralized in an acid bath. The end result is a greater affinity for dyes and a higher tenacity thread. "Glaced" is a process whereby cotton threads are passed through a solution of starches and waxes and then polished between brushes to give a very uniform surface. Continuous filament threads are also available in various finishes including "soft" and "bonded". "Soft" again refers to thread that is simply twisted together, dyed and wound on cones with a thread lubricant. "Bonded" refers to an additional process where a coating is put on the continuous filament thread to give it better ply security and abrasion resistance. Finish also refers to the thread lubricant applied to the thread to give the thread good lubricity characteristics and needle heat resistance. Two methods are commonly used to apply finish to sewing threads: the "kiss-roll" method and the "in-bath" method.
There are two main types of finish - white PVC-U and two woodgrain effects. The woodgrain effects are applied on top of brown PVC-U to resemble wood.
A term for the surface treatment of a wood product to enhance the beauty of its natural wood color and grain definition. Usually applied in steps, such as stain, sealer and a clear top coat such as a catalyzed varnish.
The following finish abbreviations are generally used by many (not all) faucet manufacturers
Thousands of self finishes and applied finishes are available. Refer to our sample library in the library section of this web site.
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