Definitions for "ECM"
Electronic Countermeasures EXDIS Exclusive (high level) distribution
Electronic Counter Measures. A classification of electronic warfare which prevents or reduces an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Electronic Control Module. A microprocessor that determines the beginning and end of each injection cycle on every cylinder. The ECM determines both fuel metering and injection timing in response to such parameters as engine crankshaft position and rpm, engine coolant and intake air temperature, and absolute intake air boost pressure.
Error Correction Mode Used in conjunction with memory storing fax machines, ECM allows for the receiving fax machine to request retransmission for a page where some errors were detected in the frames of that page. If the receiving fax machine is unable to receive an error free page the fax transmission may fail and the fax connection terminated. On networks with some packet loss, fax transmissions will routinely fail when ECM is enabled because of the low tolerance allowed for any packet loss.
Error Correction Mode. A method by which two equally-equipped fax machines will check data for errors. If errors are detected, due to for example line noise, the transmitting unit resends the data in blocks. This ensures that the fax is received in it’s entirety and is legible.
Electromechanical Cipher Machine. Developed during WWII anmd used until 1959.
Emerging Company Marketplace. A service once offered by the American Stock Exchange to help small growth companies fulfill special listing requirements. The service is no longer available. Emerging markets The financial markets of developing economies.
Equity capital markets. The market for large-scale equity offerings such as IPOs and privatisations. Equity Capital Markets offers graduates a six-month rotational programme, details of which can be found in Equities. See also: ABN AMRO Rothschild
Equity capital markets. Equity capital markets is the market for large-scale equity offerings such as initial public offerings and privatizations. In ECM graduates can enjoy a six-month rotational programme. See also: ABN AMRO Rothschild.
Enterprise Component Modeling, A framework and methodology for building iterative model-driven multi-tiered enterprise-scalable applications. ECM employs object technology and component-based development techniques to incrementally build and deliver an application throughout seven phases. Conceptualization, Requirements Analysis, System Design, Object Design, Construction, Testing and Deployment.
Enterprise Commerce Managament, also Enterprise Content Management
That portion of the Connection Management (CMT) within the Station Management (SMT) function of an FDDI station that provides for controlling bypass relays, signaling to PCM (Physical Connection Management) that the medium is available, and coordinating trace functions.
Educazione Continua in Medicina
ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) is a record label founded in Munich, Germany in 1969 by Manfred Eicher. ECM is best known for jazz music, but has released a wide variety of recordings, the artists associated with it often refusing to acknowledge boundaries between genres.
Entitlement Control Message: Entitlementcontrol messages are private conditional access information which specifycontrol words and possibly other stream-specific, scrambling, and/or controlparameters.
Entitlement Control Messages are private Conditional Access information which maintain the ordered authorization.
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Exceptional Case Marking. A case-assigning configuration that combines case assignment under government with case assignment in a spec-head agreement configuration. ECM heads are heads that assign case to the specifier of their complement. In Chapter 5, we use the term 'mediated case assignment' as a synonym for ECM to underline the fact that the ECM configuration is composed of two more basic configurations. The term 'Exceptional Case Marking,' on the other hand, emphasizes the relative rarity of the configuration, both within languages and across languages.
the External Configuration Module is an option for the AVA-300 and ATV-300 that allows you to configure a permanent start-up video and audio stream configuration. If power is to the unit is lost and then restored, it will start executing with the configuration stored in its ECM. The ECM contents may be changed over the ATM network.
extra-cellular matrix (the bulk of articular cartilage)
(extracellular matrix) – network of polysaccharides and proteins secreted by cells. Forms a structural element of tissue.
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Energy Conservation Measure
Energy conservation measures
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External Cardiac Massage
European Common Market
European Christian Mission
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Every Child Matters