Definitions for "Configuration Management"
The lifecycle management of a product and/or process that includes design, ordering, shipping, customer usage and service or warranty repair history to ensure conformance to the desired configuration. It includes history and documentation on the materials, production facilities, manufacturing process and engineering changes over the product lifecycle.
The process of planning for, identifying, controlling, maintaining and verifying the CIs within a service, recording and reporting their status and, in support of Change Management, assessing the potential IT impact of changing those items. See also Configuration Identification, Configuration Control, Configuration Status Accounting, Configuration Verification.
(IEEE) A discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance to identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a configuration item, control changes to those characteristics, record and report change processing and implementation status, and verifying compliance with specified requirements. See: configuration control, change control, software engineering
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In this you can keep data of branching/tagging, Release, Build, User Information,Knowledge Base, News, Create different groups, trouble ticket and many more.
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The process of maintaining workstation and server configurations in a large enterprise.
maintaining records and monitoring the ways in which components of a system are set up to work with each other.