Definitions for "ABN"
AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS NUMBER. is your identifier for certain dealings with the ATO and other government departments and agencies.
Australian Bibliographic Network
AT&T Business Network
Advance Beneficiary Notice. A notice the hospital or doctor gives you before you're treated, telling you that Medicare will not pay for some treatment or services. The notice is given to you so that you may decide whether to have the treatment and how to pay for it.
a document indicating that the supplier has reason to believe that Medicare will not cover the piece of equipment or supply being given to a patient. It must list the item(s) and the reason(s) it will not be covered and be signed and dated by the patient (or a representative) before delivery of the item.
Advance Beneficiary Notice. A form signed by the patient before certain services are rendered, notifying him/her that Medicare may not cover this service and that the patient will be responsible for payment. The ABN was previously called the Medicare Medical Necessity Waiver.
Aluminum-Brass-Nickel. The components used in the production of non-ringed engines. These engines use an aluminum piston, and a nickel plated brass sleeve. The engine is harder to turn over and start due to the tight fit between the piston and cylinder. This tight fit is what makes the engine more efficient, and powerful. ABN engines must be run in for best performance.
Engine construction that consists of an aluminum piston, & a brass cylinder that has been nickel plated. Sometimes used today on higher perfomance engines. Report this Word See also: ABC Added by: John Wells
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias
Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands
ICAO: Abbreviation for : aerodrome beacon Fr: ABN
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Amro Bank NV
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See adaptive bayes network.
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Edit / See: Abandoned Calls