Definitions for "erm"
Extensible Resources Manager engine. Java network monitoring tool that allows you to write additional components also in java.
Enterprise relationship management; solutions for enterprise-wide data sharing.
Employee Relationship Management. It is a process that recognises employees of an organization as individuals and continually monitors the needs and rewards that bring out their unique best. In terms of technology ERM delivers streamlined administrative functions to a company's operations, productivity tools to its managers, and communication improvements throughout the enterprise.
Above the level of Effects Range Median (ERM), contaminants in sediment probably have adverse effects on animals that live in sediment.
Effects Range Median (ERM) level. Above this level, contaminants in sediment probably have adverse effects on animals that live in sediment.
Exchange Rates Mechanism. A system aimed at limiting short term movements between European Community currencies. Most member currencies were allowed to move by no more 2.25% either side of a fixed bilateral central rate against other member currencies. However, a few currencies were allowed to fluctuate by 6% either side of their central parities for an undetermined initial period. In august 1993, following turmoil on the foreign exchange markets, member currencies were allowed to move by 15% either side of their central rates. However the German mark and the Dutch guilder retained their 2.25% fluctuation limits.
System established in 1979 for controlling exchange rates within the European Monetary System (EMS). The member currencies of the ERM were fixed against each other within a narrow band of fluctuation based on a central European Currency Unit (ECU) rate, but floating against non-member countries. The ERM was revised from 1 January 1999, with the launch of the single European currency (Euro).
The ERM was one of the building blocks of the single currency, but it fell apart in 1992.
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Elevation Reference Mark. A point of vertical ground elevation reference shown on the FIRM for comparison to the BFE. ERMs are referenced to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) or the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) or an alternative local datum if applicable.
Entity Relationship Modeling
ntity elationship odelling. A methodology for designing a database. Used to specify what entities are of interest and in what ways these entities are linked. A finalised entity will form a table in the database itself and its attributes will form fields.
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Erm.... may refer to when a person is trying to remember or think of something, e.g. Wait a minute, erm.... oh yes I know! It has found wide usage as Internet slang, while "hmm", "um", "uh" and "er" are used more widely elsewhere.
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Electronic Roll Mitigation
The process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on its capital and earnings. ERM includes not only risks associated with accidental losses, but also financial, strategic, operational and other risks.
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Exact Repeat Mission
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Exchange Rate Mechanism