Definitions for "Business process outsourcing"
Outsourcing business processes to other companies to manage and execute.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) occurs when an organization turns over the management of a business process to a third party that conducts the activity based on a set of predetermined performance metrics.
is the procurement of particular services that involve ongoing outsourcing of specific business processes. In certain industries, design, manufacturing, inspection, and logistics may be outsourced. More recently, BPO has come to include internal, "back-office" functions such as internal audit, finance, billing, accounting and other operations support. BPO "front office" functions may include customer relationship management, with sales, call centers and fulfillment services."Business process" means a sequence of defined steps necessary to achieve a business objective. Business objectives can include any business operation, including product design, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, customer relationship management and other special business relationships.
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The use of a third party provider to take responsibility for non-core business functions to improve their cost effectiveness and turn them into Value Adding features in the business.