Definitions for "Incubator"
That which incubates, especially, an apparatus by means of which eggs are hatched by artificial heat.
An apparatus containing an enclosed chamber, used for the cultivation of microörganisms or tissue cultures by maintaining a suitable temperature and atmospheric composition. Some incubators have no provision for maintaining a special atmosphere, while in others, especially for anaerobic organisms and tissue culture, the moisture level and composition of the gases are also controlled.
An apparatus consisting of enclosed chamber, for maintaining prematurely born babies in a favorable environment until able to thrive under normal conditions. The temperature and level of oxygen in the atmosphere may be controlled.
A company or facility designed to foster entrepreneurship and help startup companies, usually technology-related, to grow through the use of shared resources and intellectual capital.
A business incubator is analogous to a hospital incubator, which helps nurture a newborn during its early stages. Business incubators are organizations that nurture private companies by providing office space, office equipment, consulting services, legal advice, accounting services and strategic planning.
corporations, usually nonprofit, backed by some government assistance to provide a place for entrepreneurs to start and assist in the establishment and development of a business. Page 61
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"Incubator " is an episode from the third season of the American television series Farscape, written by Richard Manning and directed by Ian Watson.
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a step forward to enhance academia cooperation to better serve the ICT sector needs and contribute to the national shift towards a stronger knowledge economy
a new type of educational institution
Provides housing for new start-up companies. More information at
The term used to describe various methods of support for new companies to enable them to establish themselves in the marketplace. Professionals providing these services are usually paid in the form of shares in the new company.
An enclosed, heated plexiglass bed.
a heated plastic box that you can see through
an ideal device for this purpose and permits administration of supplemental oxygen as needed
a place where newly created firms are concentrated in a limited space