Definitions for "Impedance Matching"
Keywords:  ohms, input, match, output, distortion
Very generally, connecting cables and devices together which have the same impedance value in ohms.
A video signal occupies a wide spectrum of frequencies, from nearly DC (0 Hz) to 6 MHz. If the output impedance of either the video source, cable or input impedance of the receiving equipment are not properly matched, a series of problems may arise. Loss of high frequency detail and color information as well as image instability, oscillations, snow, ghost images and component heat-up may result. Proper connections and cable types provide correct impedances. (See LOAD RESISTANCE)
Converting the output impedance of a device to match the input impedance of the device it will feed.
Refers to role of ossicles in transferring sound wave energy in air to fluid of perilymph via tympanic membrane. Vital role in hearing.