Definitions for "Sextant"
The sixth part of a circle.
An instrument used in navigation which determines altitude of the sun or stars
An astronomical instrument for measuring angles, primarily altitudes of celestial bodies, to determine latitude.
Sextant is the thirteenth album and the last album with the Mwandishi Band, formed by Herbie Hancock.
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1). An entertaining, albeit expensive, device, which, together with a good atlas, is of use in introducing the boatman to many interesting areas of the earth's surface which he and his craft are not within 1,000 nautical mailes of. 2). A cover suspended over the cabin and cockpit to shade certain recreational activity.
having six parts; thus, a sextant biopsy is a biopsy that takes six samples
A configuration of six souls who work together over many lifetimes. The positions of a quadrate are love, knowledge, power, support (or compassion), eccentric, and integrator. The first and fourth positions are strongest.
One of the six relatively equal sections into which a dental arch can be divided, for example: tooth number 1-5; 6-11; 12-16; 17-21; 22-27; 28-32. Sometimes used for recording periodontal charting. Please consult with your dentist if you have any questions regarding tooth location.
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The constellation Sextans.