Definitions for "Integrator"
a device to perform the mathematical operation known as integration , a branch of calculus
a dynamic actor that can emit a token (the state) without knowing the input
an ADC whose output code represents the average value of the input voltage over a given time interval
An entity representing a given numerical integration method and its associated parameter values.
The numerical method used to compute an approximate solution to a differential equation or system of differential equations. The best known integrators are Euler's method and the Runge-Kutta methods, although there are many other approaches that are superior to these.
A person responsible for porting applications. This person is familiar with both the application to be proted and with the site into which the application is being added. This role involves modifying and recompiling source code.
A software developer that uses the BBSM SDK to extend the functionality of the BBSM.
That which integrates; esp., an instrument by means of which the area of a figure can be measured directly, or its moment of inertia, or statical moment, etc., be determined.
a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure
A competency-based, applied academic program integrating, or connecting, an assessment process to a skill enhancement process. The four modules include math, communications, interpersonal skills and problem solving. Each module has a Diagnostic Component and a Skill Enhancement Component. Results of the Diagnostic Component electronically connect to the Skill Enhancement Component.
Any supplier that designs, provides, manufactures or assembles a [machine], its associated machines or equipment, the safeguarding, control interfaces, interconnections or the control system into a [machine] production system. (B-11 Definitions Manual)
Specialist supplier combining equipment from various sources for customised applications.
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Integrator is a continuous integration tool with web-based interface. It supports a wide variety of version control systems and programming languages/platforms. It is OS independent and server-side service is separated from GUI part.
a control center (often the brain).
a step size control actor that can control the accuracy of the ODE solution by adjusting step sizes
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Individual or group that ensures that the HSE systems and processes that are developed and implemented fit into overall business functions.
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A company with whom a grower of animals contracts to grow and sell those animals. The integrator usually owns the animals and provides the feed, medications, and most of the management of the animals.
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a replica of the way healthy human beings integrate their feelings
The term used to describe a company which owns/leases all the transport assets used to carry express shipments on an international door-to-door basis. This includes vehicles, airplanes and warehouses.
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Former name for what is now known as Developer.