Definitions for "Light box"
A box containing the major types of lighting: incandescent (standard light bulbs) and fluorescent (cool white, warm white, and daylight).
Enclosure with lighting and translucent face of plastic of glass.
An internally illuminated container that uses indirectly placed light sources to evenly illuminate a translucent diffuser screen on one side of the container. The screen is sized to cover at least the entire aperture of a telescope so that accurate flat-field frames can be made.
A small light table used for embossing or viewing negatives.
A device for inspecting microfilm which provides even light over the viewing area.
A small light table used for viewing negatives or embossing.
a versatile learning tool that an be used to investigate many facets of light from image formation to color addition
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an Artists' best friend
a commercially available, electrically-powered instrument that provides artificial light; a treatment option for patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder, Advanced Phase Sleep Disorder, or Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder.
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a good method