Definitions for "Directions"
1) The North, South, East and West of the celestial and terrestrial maps. 2) A system of studying current patterns that moves all factors in a horoscope in an uniform amount symbolically forward or backward in time, according to a specified arc, such as the Solar Arc (Sun's progressed motion in one year). Another example is the Ascendant Arc, which uses the movement of the progressed Ascendant in a year. Generally the "directed planets" are interpreted by comparing them with the natal planets.
Aspects between planets in a progressed horoscope; also their aspects to the planets in the natal chart. See Primary Directions.
A term synonymous with progression. See Progressions.
Directions are instructions by the Tribunal as to the procedures to be followed by the parties in preparing or presenting their cases. Directions relate to matters such as the exchange of evidence before a hearing.
These will be issued by the court after allocation. Think of directions as the steps which the court requires the parties to take to make the claim ready for a final hearing.
Court orders laying down procedural steps to be taken by the parties.
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Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 1999
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What you should read before using any chemicals.